HobNob – For Local Businesses

HobNob Local is on a mission…

At HobNob Local, our mission is simple: Helping communities communicate. In working towards that goal over the last several years we have learned a lot about what it takes to empower local businesses, charities, city governments, and other local organizations to provide local residents with relevant and timely information.

Our newly revised local web site platform, (we call it a web app, because it can be viewed on desktops, tablets, and smartphones) lets local businesses and organizations quickly and easily publish local information such as local events, news, information on local products and services, etc. Basically anything you would want to know about what is happening in your local community.

One of the main goals of our mission, is to help local businesses reach local residents. When you patronize local businesses, the money stays in your community. It is increasingly important to help build a strong local economy by doing business with local businesses.When you spend your money with local businesses, you build a stronger local economy, help create and preserve local jobs, and support local schools and government services like police and fire departments as well as help maintain local roads and city parks.

While national chain stores have become more and more about pleasing the stock holders at the expense of customer service, local businesses are all about pleasing you.