HobNob – For Local Residents

HobNob Local began with a simple idea. We wanted to build a real time, location based web app to keep people in the know about all things local. We knew that users were increasingly accessing the internet from mobile devices, so we made sure that our HobNob sites could be viewed from smartphones, tablets, desktops, even smart tv’s. As we looked at the types of information that people most wanted most, we decided to focus on community news, events and things to do in the local community.

From dining and nightlife, to family friendly events, health and fitness, and education, each community across America has a wide range of activities that the average person is simply unaware of on a daily basis.

We also wanted a way to deliver local news and information as well as giving local businesses a way to reach out to local residents, with special offers and information about local products and services that we all need. This idea became our company mission: Helping Communities Communicate.